Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle reduction treatments place a temporary block between the nerves and the muscles which contract. This causes facial muscles in that region to relax, aiming to soften them fine lines and wrinkles you do not want. Wrinkle reduction treatment is tailored to each of your desired outcomes, and whether you would like some movement or no movement.

Wrinkle reduction treatments will start to work around 2-3 days, full effect at 14 days post your treatment. You are expected to get 3-6 months out of your treatment, meaning some clients may get the area treated four times a year and others twice. This does not mean your medication  completely wears off at once, you will start to notice movement in areas returning, as your body produces more Acetylcholine. You can return for further treatment to reduce the area of movement again when you feel needed.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

30 Minute Session

Due to strict regulations from the TGA in regards to advertising and Schedule 4 medications, we cannot discuss Product Names, units and dosing. There are 4 types of Botulinum Toxin injections approved in Australia. The concentration of the Botulinum Toxin, their dosages and their dispersion factor are the main differences between the 4. At Nude Aesthetics we currently focus on two Botulinum Toxins. Type A has a higher concentration of units, meaning requires lesser units and Type B has a lower concentration requiring more units. Both can last 3-5 months pending on the individual client. We are trained in all 4 Botulinum Toxins. Contact us to discuss any further.

Type A

Price on Consultation

Type B

Price on Consultation

Please Note If it’s your first cosmetic appointment with Nude Aesthetics and you have not yet been scripted with our Doctor there will be an additional $45 fee on your treatment. Scripting is only every 12 months, so any future cosmetic or vitamin appointments within this time will not require more scripting fees.

Flip the Lip

30 Minute Session

A Flip the Lip treatment involves wrinkle reducing medication above your upper lip. This relaxes the muscle to invert the lip, adding some height and shape to your upper lip. It typically can last 2-4 months and adds a more natural effect. It is great for clients whose top lip curls when smiling. Another reason for this treatment is clients who suffer barcode / smokers lines. It relaxes the muscle, relaxing the lines above the lip.


45 Minute Session

Hyper-Hydrosis is characterised as someone who sweats higher than normal to the underarms, face, palms, soles of feet and groin, or can be experienced over the whole body. Wrinkle reducing therapy reduces sweating to the treated area by temporally blocking the chemical which triggers the release of sweat from the sweat glands. It does not affect touch or sensation. Wrinkle reducing treatment can reduce moister to the area around 82%, with dryness typically lasting 4-6 months. Most clients mainly benefit from one treatment a year for the warmer seasons, but some like the relief over winter also, occasionally requiring that second treatment.


30 Minute Session

Hayy-Toxx is aimed to help with nasal allergy symptoms. It typically lasts around the 4-6 months, meaning some people only require the treatment at the beginning of Spring for allergy season or twice a year, if they suffer greater allergies all year round. Controlling these symptoms with Hayy-Toxx is needle free. The lining of the nasal cavity is so thin, its nerve receptors and lining cells can absorb the wrinkle reducing medication directly via a topical application.

Gummy Smile

30 Minute Session

A Gummy Smile is where the upper lip lifts and exposes the gum underneath. It is sometimes a smile in which people feel self conscious about at times when they should be feeling happy and relaxed. It can be treated by injecting wrinkle reducing medication into the offending muscles. This reduces the amount of gum you will expose when you smile, as it reduces the muscle pull lifting your upper lip.