IV Vitamin Infusions

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy has been around outside of Australia for over a decade but came to Australia 5 years ago. It is a popular treatment in the Capital Cities but something new and exciting we could offer in Mackay. The Vitamins are sterile compounded from our co-pharmacist and each IV Protocol is calculated in-house by Registestered Nurse, Amy. Here at Nude Aesthetics we offer 7 different Vitamin Infusions to choose from;
Each protocol is aimed in supporting your body with one or more of the 13 essential vitamins we require. They are a healthy and normal substance which are needed for normal cell function, growth, and development. The body requires vitamins to work properly. Sometimes simple lifestyle factors can affect your vitamin levels. These being; diet, dehydration, exercise, shift work, lack of sleep, stress and fatigue. Some people are able to eat a balanced diet and take oral supplementation daily to sufficiently maintain the bodies essential vitamin levels, but many also are unable to do this on their own, allowing a simple one hour treatment of IV Vitamin Therapy boost to have them feeling ‘normalised.’
Our clinic works alongside a Doctor whom you will be scripted with at your first appointment. This script will last 12 months and oversight your vitamin treatments with Nude Aesthetics. It will be updated prior to each apppointment but require full re-scripting yearly. Nude Aesthetics can also work off of a referral basis from your Doctor. If requiring more information on this, contact us below.

Simple Hydration

Feel as though you just cannot get enough water in your day? Feeling dehydrated? Recovering from a stomach bug? Experiencing pregnancy nausea? Not sure about the Vitamins yet? Start with a ‘Simple Hydrate’ of intravenous fluids to kick start your bodies hydrations needs from a cellular level.
Simple Hydration Treatment
60 Minutes


Lacking energy after a big week at work?
Feeling dehydrated/fatigued?
Can’t shake your hangover?
Replace those lost fluids, B & C Vitamins ASAP.


Revitalise Treatment
60 Minutes

Athletic Bag

Suffering from muscle soreness & fatigue post workouts?
Wanting to reduce recovery time & get back to exercise quicker?
Then this infusion may be for you. The Athletic Bag may help to improve stamina & endurance, reduce recovery time, support muscle & nerve function, increase energy production & metabolism, as well as providing the body with the benefits of Vitamin C & B.


Athletic Bag Treatment
60 Minutes

Immunity Boost

Already sick & needing some extra relief?
Catching every cold or flu going around?
Feeling run down?
Had an operation or slow healing wound?
Does your immune system need a boost?
The Immunity Boost bag will aim to top up your vitamin levels to allow your body to heal & fight off them unwanted colds & flus, infections & viruses.


Immunity Boost Treatment
60 Minutes

Fleek Glow Up

Would you love to assist your body from the inside out to achieve that facial ‘Glow’?
Glowing skin is achieved from treating your skin internally and externally. A healthy gut health may help assist your skin, hair & nails to stay, hydrated, free of inflammation & toxins, stronger, clean, clear and glowing. Toxins are what may cause unnecessary stress and breaks to your skin, which is why this infusion is packed with antioxidants. It is also aimed to boost collagen & elastin formation.


Fleek Glow Up Treatment
60 Minutes

Fleek Clients $199

NAD+ Anti-Aging

As we age, our NAD+ levels fall, suggesting important implications in metabolic function & age-related diseases. Sirtuin enzymes use NAD+ to prevent DNA damage & chromosome instability, which also accumulates with age.

Key Product Benefits


NAD+ Anti-Aging Treatment
60 Minutes

Note: First 2 bags will be at $240 each but 3rd bag onwards will increase to $280 each as we maximise the dosage levels of NAD+ for you over the session.

All in One Cocktail

Poor mental clarity & focus
Low mood?
Decreased energy & stamina levels?
Tired & not feeling yourself?
Fighting sickness after sickness?
Slow metabolism?
Also resulting in damaged skin, hair & nails?
Well, the All in Cocktail is your golden ticket when it comes to IV infusions. This infusion may assist to reverse all of them yes answers, along with improving cellular reproduction & promoting muscle relaxation. Not to mention it’s hydrating your body on a cellular level.


All in One Cocktail Treatment
60 Minutes

Turn Back the Clock

NAD + NMN + Resveratrol


I’m talking no more naps, more energy, increased focus, increased mental clarity, feeling more task oriented meaning less brain fog, waking up and feeling like you can get through your day, even adding a stop to them sugar and carbohydrate cravings!
Turn back the clock on your bodies health systems by supporting it with these 3 vitamin therapies.
You will not know what has hit you with this 12 month combination that Nude Aesthetics offers!


Turn Back the Clock Package
60 Minutes
4 x NAD Infusions (3 Monthly)
1 x Resveratrol Capsuels (1 Month Supply)
1 x NMN Capsuels (1 Month Supply)
15% off Resveratrol Capsuels
15% off NMN Capsuels
Dr’s Scripting Included

Saves $201
Upfront Saving and Discounted
Capsuels for the Year