Hair Loss

Hair thinning or hair loss affecting your life? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair thinning or loss is a very simple treatment process. We draw your blood, spin it in our Centrifuge and inject the rich Plasma in micro-boluses into your scalp. PRP is known to improve alopecia, thinning hair, post chemotherapy hairloss, normal balding and post hair transplant recovery. This treatment is highly recommended for transplant clients as it not only speeds up the healing process and improves the overall results, but it also helps transplanted follicles take root faster and prevent infection.
Book a complimentary consult to discuss your personalised treatment plan. Generally clients require 3 treatments at 4 week intervals for optimal results. It is important for you to continue protecting the new hair growth, so a top up treatment by 12 months is recommended pending client to client.
Unfortunately if complete balding has occurred, this treatment will not magically return hair-growth. The ideal time to start is when thinning starts to occur and the hair follicles remain and can be stimulated with PRP.

Hairology Advanced Repair

Hairology is used to support your hair growth from the inside also. Lengthen, Stengthen, Repair. As part of your daily beauty routine, Hairology delivers longer, thicker hair by reducing hair thinning and supporting hair growth.
Hair sheds every day as part of its natural renewal cycle. Yet factors such as age, stress, hormones, and vitamin deficiencies can prompt weakness, damage and excessive shedding. Targeting the cause of thinning, lacklustre hair, Hairology is a once-daily capsule that optimises the environment necessary for hair to grow and thrive.

Key Product Benefits


Take one capsule daily following a substancial meal
Evidence and Science based product which is a TGA approved product.

Hair Loss Treatment Menu

Single Treatment
60 Minutes
1 x PRP Treatment
(4 Weeks Apart)
Hairology Capsules
(1 Months Supply)
Complete 3 Pack Treatment
180 Minutes
3 x PRP Treatments
(60 Minutes Each / 4 Weeks Apart)
Hairology Capsules
(3 Month Supply)
Saves $340