PDO Mono Threads

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads utilise a biodegradable polyester suture and are best engaged for rejuvenating the skin. They have been used safely over decades for various applications, such as gynaecological disorders or suturing post surgical incisions. Whilst present in your skin (around 6 months), PDO Mono Threads trigger cells in the body called fibroblasts to produce more collagen & elastin, providing the skin more structure & elasticity.

Threading Packages

PDO Mono Threads
45 Minutes
80 PDO Mono Threads
60 Minutes
100 PDO Mono Threads
60 Minutes
10 PDO Mono Thread Add-On Pack
5 Minutes
Generally as a guide for how many threads you may require; 50 threads – 1 area, 80 threads – 2 areas, 100 threads – full lower face. It is important to adequately treat an area with the correct amount of threads so we can achieve the results. A complimentary consultation with Nude Aesthetics can help give you an idea on how many threads will be required for your treated area.
After something other than Dermal ‘Lip Filler’ or Anti-wrinkle ‘Flip the Lip?’
PDO Mono Threads can be used on the upper and lower lip to naturally invert the lip shape adding definition to the boarder and a ‘POP.’ This treatment will definitely allow you to have a natural, subtle lip enhancer.
45 Minutes